Dr. J.K. Misra
B.Com, CA,Ph.D


The society at large is changing fast. Be it business, education, ethics, moral values, culture everything is changing at a rapid pace. Old practices, cultures and values are giving way to new ones. People everywhere want to be part of the change revolution. Over the last years apart from telecommunication the biggest change has happened in education. No longer the age old institutions offering conventional education continue to play dominant role. The reins have been taken over by private institutions more particularly institutions providing technical and professional education. New technology demands human resources to be well trained and qualified.

Conventional class room sessions and learning from text books are being replaced by e-learning and field training. Nevertheless the importance of good institutions having the requisite infrastructure, good teaching faculties, amenities, and environment and above all offering a combination of classical and modern teaching pedagogy is fast getting an edge. IPSAR is one of such few old institutions which have the enriched experience of providing such educational needs in its sprawling campuses at Cuttack. Established since 1991, IPSAR offers professional courses that puts the student well placed in the market be it for further career enhancement or making them worthy of good job. That is the reason why IPSAR’s punch line ‘We build better careers’ has touched the souls of young bright students.